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A UGC / Metaverse consulting agency.

Get in touch: info@metacrab.org

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Metacrab is the consulting agency founded by Josh Ling, lending UGC and Metaverse expertise to studios, brands, publishers, platforms, investors and more. We can help support your business on Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite (UEFN) and other emerging user-generated content platforms.


With 10+ years games industry experience focusing on UGC and Metaverse platforms, Josh Ling has unique hands-on experience in every aspect of developing and servicing UGC-based products and the teams and studios that build them.

As Director of Business Operations for Uplift Games, Josh helped develop and build the studio behind the #1 most-played game on Roblox Adopt Me!.
As Co-Lead of the Development Team, Josh helped develop and scale the team for Hypixel, the #1 most-played server on Minecraft.
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I strongly recommend chatting to Josh on anything and everything UGC, especially Roblox.

Will Lowther

VP of Business Development @ Splash Damage
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If you want authentic insights into UGC or the Metaverse space, you should speak to Josh!

Nick Baker

Product Director @ Opera Gaming
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We offer strategic guidance in managing and scaling your studio, business development, marketing and communications support, brand partnership and IP development, analytics, candid feedback and more. We can be your bridge to the established video games industry.


We can be your guide into the wild west of UGC and Metaverse platforms including Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite and others. We can help build your strategy from day 1 or review any existing integrations and products, ensuring everything makes sense and aligns with your goals.


We can give feedback on investment or acquisition opportunities in the UGC / Metaverse space, identifying risks and filtering for real value. We can work on retainer as your resident UGC expert or hold one-off calls for specific projects or opportunities.


We can give candid feedback and insights from our experience working on the market-leading UGC game platforms, support developer outreach and advise on UGC-related policy.


If you have questions, concerns or ideas relating to the exciting world of UGC and Metaverse platforms, we are happy to help however we can. Reach out today.

For more information, contact us today: info@metacrab.org